Cities and towns

Make your city or town an attractive destination

with smart EV charging amenity for residents and visitors
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Is your city EV ready?

Offering EV charging has many benefits:

  • Drive more traffic to local businesses
  • Boost downtown economy
  • Create new jobs
  • Meet emerging government regulations
  • Establish your city as a green leader

EV drivers can increase revenue and boost downtown economy
  • EV drivers have higher spending capacity and thus make very attractive customers for your local businesses. Installing EV charging in your city will drive EV drivers to those businesses.
  • EV drivers choose destinations based on the availability of EV charging from their preferred network—and they tend to base their shopping routines on those destinations, so they can charge the car while they shop and dine.
  • EV charging helps your businesses attract new customers and build a steady revenue stream from repeat buyers who stay longer and spend more.

Don't offer just EV charging.
Offer smart networked EV charging.
Hassle-free for you. Premium experience for your residents and visitors.

  • Get a customizable and turnkey solution
  • Track energy usage, costs, and revenue
  • Tie EV charging to local business loyalty programs
  • Create the best pricing policy for you and your drivers
  • Offer a superior guest experience with reservations and waitlist
  • Get a service guarantee with 24/7 driver support
  • Generate environmental reports and analytics

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